Who We are

Everyone deserves a better financial future.

P2Vest brings borrowers and lenders together, transforming the way people access credit and lend money. We have built a marketplace where costs are low and opportunities are high, making use of a technology to help people take control of their debt, grow their businesses, and invest for the future.

Our Commitment

Ease of access to Credit

Accessing credit should be seamless. We ensure ease of access to credit with micro lending, personal, Car loan, School loan or project based loans.

Reinventing Lending

Ensuring competitive returns for lenders with our technology driven model that delivers more value and a better experience.

We match borrowers with lenders based on risk profiles and credit scoring.

We provide the following to help lenders make decisions:

Self Services risk appetite settings

Borrowers background detail

Insurance against defaults

Credits history access

Financial information

Automatic collection from accounts

Assisted recovery services

A market place where everyone wins

Everyone deserves a better financial future if they strive for it. We are committed to making borrowing and lending simple and easy for everyone.

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