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Get access to funds to simplify your life with no paper work and interest hassle

Put your money where it matters and take a step towards financial freedom with our easy-to-use lending platform.
Invest in loans tailored to you and your income, and earn attractive returns.
Let’s help you connect to thousands of borrowers across Nigeria on your own terms.

Flexible and competitive interest on loans
- No hidden charges
- Get money instantly
- Convenient pay back plan
- Interest rates are dynamic based on your risk ratings and credit score

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Apply for a loan on P2vest with these easy steps:
1. Create Your account
Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number
2. Choose a loan offer
Pick a loan offer and accept the terms of Lender
3. Set up your repayment plan
Set up your automate repayment plan to pay off your loans stress free
4. Instant Loan Credit
Once you’re done with these steps, your loan is credited to your preferred account instantly.

A lender will credit your wallet

Once approved, funds are typically received in your P2Vest wallet within 5 minutes.
At P2Vest, you too can invest in tiny & affordable chunks and still enjoy the same return rates in amazing ways.

Repay your loan with low interest

Pay back loans with interest as low as 0.1% and set up a repayment scheduled to your convenience. Receive steady reminders and enjoy seamless pay back transactions.

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We know you have questions, we got you!

Can I borrow through p2Vest?
You can borrow through p2Vest if you:
  • are a Nigerian national with identity proof and address proof
  • are at least 18 years old.
How do I apply for a loan on p2Vest?
Applying for a loan is the easiest thing to do on p2Vest! Once you are logged into the p2Vest App and have completed your loan profile, navigate to the Loan section, and fill in the necessary details for your loan request.
How much can I borrow on p2Vest?
You can borrow from N5,000 to N2,000,000 for up to 12 months tenure. Your credit rating will determine the rate of interest you will pay on your p2Vest loan. The rate of interest at p2Vest is dynamic, based on market rate and your risk rating.

Interest rates vary across borrowers based on their individual credit assessment derived from our proprietary and scientific p2Vest Credit Algorithm.

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